The Little Red Chairs


Edna O’Brien

First Sentence:     The town takes its name from the river.

Back of the book:

When a wanted war criminal from the Balkans, masquerading as a faith healer, settles in a small west coast Irish village, the community are in thrall. One woman, Fidelma McBride, falls under his spell and in this astonishing novel, Edna O’Brien charts the consequences of that fatal attraction.

The Little Red Chairs is a story about love, the artifice of evil, and the terrible necessity of accountability in our shattered, damaged world. A narrative which dares to travel deep into the darkness has produced a book of enormous emotional intelligence and courage. Written with a fierce lyricism and sensibility, The Little Red Chairs dares to suggest there is a way back to redemption and hope when great evil is done.

Quote from the book:

Always on her return journey she sat on a bench, where a particular robin, or one identical to it, flew about, then hovered so close she could touch the little plump terracotta chest and the suede-brown wings, except at the very last instant it eluded her and flew back into the rhododendrons that grew densely under the thick cover of trees.

* *

Last Sentence:     You would not believe how many words there are for home and what savage music there can be wrung from it.