David Mitchell

First Sentence:     Who was blowing on the nape of my neck?

Back of the book:

An apocalyptic cult member carries out a gas attack on a rush-hour metro, but what links him to a jazz buff in downtown Tokyo? Or to a Mongolian gangster, a woman on a holy mountain who talks to a tree, and a late night New York DJ?

Set at the fugitive edges of Asia and Europe, Ghostwritten weaves together a host of characters, their interconnected destinies determined by the inescapable forces of cause and effect.

Quotes from the book:

I pass through many Me’s in the course of my day, each one selfish with his time. The Lying-in-Bed me and the Enjoying-the-Hot-Shower Me are particularly selfish. The Late Me loathes the pair of them.

‘Love is a big knot of whys.’

Little girls are like old cats. If they don’t like you nothing on Earth will make them pretend to.

* * * *

Last Sentence:      I swung around—nothing but the back of the train, accelerating into the darkness.