The Book Of Strange New Things

The Book of Strange New Things

Michel Faber

First Sentence:     “I was going to say something,” he said.

Back of the book:

‘I am with you always, even unto the end of the world…’ Peter Leigh is a missionary called to go on the journey of a lifetime. Leaving behind his beloved wife, Bea, he boards a flight for a remote and unfamiliar land, a place where the locals are hungry for the teachings of the Bible – his ‘book of strange new things’. It is a quest that will challenge Peter’s beliefs, his understanding of the limits of the human body and, most of all, his love for Bea. The Book of Strange New Things is a wildly original tale of adventure, faith and the ties that might hold two people together when they are worlds apart. This momentous novel, Faber’s first since The Crimson Petal and the White, sees him at his expectation-defying best.

Quote from the book:

He remembered how, when he was a kid, he would play with the girl at the end of the street and she’d spray him with the garden hose and he’d jump to avoid it  but get caught anyway, which was the whole point and pleasure of it, Knowing that it would get you, but that you wouldn’t come to harm and you’d love it really.

* * * *

 Last Sentence:     Amen.