Shotgun Lovesongs

ShotgunNickolas Butler

First Sentence:     We invited him to all of our weddings; he was famous.

Back of the book:

Henry, Lee, Kip and Ronny grew up together in rural Wisconsin. Friends since childhood, their lives all began the same way, but have since taken different paths. Henry stayed on the family farm and married his first love, whilst the others left in search of something more. Ronnie became a rodeo star, Kip made his fortune in the city, and musician Lee found fame – but heartbreak, too.

Now all four are back in town for a wedding, each of them hoping to recapture their old closeness but unable to escape how much has changed. Amid the happiness of reunion and celebration, old rivalries resurface and a wife’s secret threatens to tear both a marriage and a friendship apart . . .

Quote from the book:

I came back here and I found my voice, like something that had fallen out if my pocket, like a souvenir long forgotten.

* *

Last Sentence:     And now: a new jar behind the bar there, just a little Mason jar this time suitable for chutney or jam or a few dozen string beans, mostly holding just air, except for one thing, heavy and loud at the bottom: Lee’s bullet, pickled in nothing, and shot from the pistol of a stranger passing through town.