The Parts

the parts kr

Keith Ridgway

First Sentence:     Here we are.

Back of the book:

Part thriller, part comedy, part portrait of a city, The Parts shares airtime with Joe Kavanagh, radio host struggling with interference from his private life; Barry, his producer, about to be ambushed by something suspiciously like love; Delly Roche, a woman who wrongly thinks death might provide her with a way out; Kitty Flood, over-eater, under-achiever, party to a secret from the past; Dr George Addison-Blake, stranded strange American with funny ideas about medical ethics; and Kez, the Dublin rent boy who links them all, without quite knowing it, to a single story, part hilarious, part scary, part beautiful. Just like life.
* * *
Last Sentence:     ‘Here we are.’