David Mitchell

First Sentence:     “It is a simple matter.”

Back of the book:

As Eiji Miyake’s twentieth birthday nears, he sets out for the seething metropolis of Tokyo to find the father he has never met. There, he begins a thrilling, whirlwind journey where dreams, memories and reality collide then diverge as Eiji is caught up in a feverish succession of encounters by turn bizarre, hilarious and shockingly dangerous. But until Eiji has fallen in love and exorcised his childhood demons, the belonging he craves will remain, tantalizingly, just beyond his grasp…

Quotes from the book:

An aviary of telephones trill.

“All we are is our memories.”

My mouth is dust and glue.

‘A twenty-first-century thirty minutes covers distances of days for noblemen and priests in earlier centuries.’

A book you read is not the same book it was before you read it.

‘The cloud atlas turns its pages over.’

* * * * *

Last Sentence:     And I begin running.