Never Mind

Never Mind

Edward St Aubyn

First Sentence:     At half-past seven in the morning, carrying the laundry she had ironed the night before, Yvette came down the drive on her way to the house.

Back of the book:

THE FIRST PATRICK MELROSE NOVEL. At his mother’s family house in the south of France, Patrick Melrose has the run of a magical garden. Bravely imaginative and self-sufficient, five-year-old Patrick encounters the volatile lives of adults with care. His father, David, rules with considered cruelty, and Eleanor, his mother, has retreated into drink. They are expecting guests for dinner. But this afternoon is unlike the chain of summer days before, and the shocking events that precede the guests’ arrival tear Patrick’s world in two.

Quote from the book:

For a moment he was winded by a sense of absurdity and impotence; he felt like a farmer watching a flock of  crows settle complacently on his favourite scarecrow.

* * * *

Last Sentence:     Below him the Alsatian scrambled to a halt in a flurry of dry leaves and picked up a dead branch in its mouth.