Flight Behaviour


Barbara Kingsolver

First Sentence:     A certain feeling comes from throwing your good life away, and it is one part rapture.

Back of the book:

Discontented with her life of poverty on a failing farm in the Eastern United States, Dellarobia, a young mother, impulsively seeks out an affair. Instead, on the Appalachian mountains above her home, she discovers something much more profoundly life-changing – a beautiful and terrible marvel of nature. As the world around her is suddenly transformed by a seeming miracle, can the old certainties they have lived by for centuries remain unchallenged?

Flight Behaviour is a captivating, topical and deeply human story touching on class, poverty and climate change. It is Barbara Kingsolver’s most accessible novel yet, and explores the truths we live by, and the complexities that lie behind them.

Quotes from the book:

She was long acquainted with the broken part of herself that had sent her up this precarious trail, out of control entirely, walking unarmed into the shoot-out of whatever was to be.

‘Her every possession was either unbreakable, or broken.’

Nobody truly decided for themselves, there was too much information. What they actually did was scope around, decide who was looking out for their clan, and sign on for the memos on a wide array of topics.

* * * *

Last Sentence:     Above the lake of the world, flanked by white mountains, they flew out to a new earth.