Amy Sackville

First Sentence:    She’s staring out to sea now.

Back of the book:

On a remote island in Orkney, a curiously-matched couple arrive on their honeymoon. He is an eminent literature professor; she was his pale, enigmatic star pupil. Alone beneath the shifting skies of this untethered landscape, the professor realises how little he knows about his new bride and yet, as the days go by and his mind turns obsessively upon the creature who has so beguiled him, she seems to slip ever further from his yearning grasp. Where does she come from? Why did she ask him to bring her north? What is it that constantly draws her to the sea?

Quote from the book:

I am unsettled by the darkness, I think, closing in, and the strange day of ill, changing light; I sit alone in silence by the fire, which seems a lonely comfort, a scant human crackle of flame against the rush of wind and sea.

* * *

Last Sentence:     It is just this: ‘Best leave the paper blank.’