Shall We Gather At The River

Shall We Gather at the River

Peter Murphy

First Sentence:    The Rua it was named because of its rusty colour when it gnashed and roared in flood, pouring through the valley’s slopes to finally consummate with the sea at the mouth of Ballo harbour.

Back of the book:

Shall We Gather At The River tells the story of Enoch O’Reilly, the great flood that afflicts his small town, and the rash of mysterious suicides that accompany it. Charlatan, Presleyite and local radiovangelist, O’Reilly is a man haunted by the childhood ghosts of his father’s sinister radio set… a false prophet destined for a terrible consummation with that old, evil river.

 A suicide mystery and a rich patchwork narrative of legend, myth, occult inheritance, eco-conspiracy, viral obsession, airwaves, water and death, Shall We Gather At The River is a spellbinding piece of work, marked by prose that is by turns haunting, poetic and blackly humourous.

Quotes from the book:

Maybe a man numbed the pain with a little something, but that little something grew until it eclipsed the sun, until he feared he might never breathe the light of another dawn. Maybe a man’s beloved did not love him. maybe a man could not bear how the world had turned pallid, washed out,  grey, every day a photocopy of the last.

* * *

Last Sentence:     Now comes the rain.