A Sport And A Pastime

A Sport And A Pastime

James Salter

First Sentence:     September.

Back of the book:

Touring Paris and provincial France in a handsome borrowed car, Philip Dean, Yale dropout, has an affair with a young French woman named Anne-Marie. Their liaison is imagined with candour and sensitivity by an unnamed narrator, whose fantasies become compellingly and hauntingly real. A Sport and A Pastime has been hailed as a watershed in American fiction of the 1960s: remarkable for its eroticism, its luminous prose and its ability to blur the boundaries of reality and dreamlife, daytime and nighttime, soul and flesh.

Quotes from the book:

The summer has ended. The garden withers. The mornings become chill. I am thirty, I am thirty-four — the years turn dry as leaves.

‘It’s a story of things that never existed although even the faintest doubt of that, the smallest possibility, plunges everything into darkness.’


Last Sentence:     They visit friends, talk, go home in the evening, deep in the life we all agree is so greatly to be admired.