The Investigation

The Investigation

Philippe Claudel

First Sentence:     As he stepped out of the station the Investigator was met by a fine rain mingled with wet, slushy snow.

Back of the book:

The Investigator is despatched to a provincial town to find out the truth behind a disturbing spate of suicides amongst employees of the Firm.

But from the moment he steps off the train, he finds himself in a world that is alien, unrecognisable, and diabolically complex. From the hostile weather and the fickle hospitality at Hotel Hope to the town’s bewildering inhabitants, everything seems to be against him to the point where he wonders whether he is trapped in a recurring nightmare, or has passed into the realm of death itself. Cold, hungry and humiliated, always one step behind, he nevertheless remains determined to find the only man he can hold to account – the Firm’s legendary but elusive founder.


Last Sentence:    No more.