The Lighthouse

ImageAlison Moore

First Sentence:    Futh stands on the ferry deck, holding on to the cold railings with his soft hands.

Back of the book:

On the outer deck of a North Sea ferry stands Futh, a middle-aged and newly separated man, on his way to Germany for a restorative walking holiday.

After an inexplicably hostile encounter with a hotel landlord, Futh sets out along the Rhine. As he contemplates an earlier trip to Germany and the things he has done in his life, he does not foresee the potentially devastating consequences of things not done.

The Lighthouse, Alison Moore’s first novel, tells the tense, gripping story of a man trying to find himself, but becoming lost.

Quote from the book:

Holding one, he unscrews the top and puts it to his nose and the smell of camphor takes him back to the dark interior of his mother’s wardrobe. It is like being wrenched soul first through time.

* * *

Last Sentence:     As he turned to his companion and said, ‘Do you ever get a bad feeling about something?’ the ramp was lowered and there was daylight, there was the sky, and his friend was working at some tune as they sat there waiting to drive out into the brightness of the day.