Tigers In Red Weather

Liza Klaussmann

First Sentence:     “I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse,” Helena said.

Back of the book:

The epitome of East Coast glamour, scene of vodka martinis and moonlit conspiracies, Tiger House is where the beautiful and the damned have always come to play.
World War II is just ending and Nick is expecting her husband home at last. her cousin Helena has gone to find married bliss in Hollywood. everything is about to change…
Magnificently told by five characters in turn, Tigers in Red Weather is a simmering novel of passion, betrayal and secret violence beneath a polished and fragile facade.

Quotes from the book:

Daisy awoke sometime in the night. She thought it might have been the moon, echoing too brightly off the harbor.

“Summer seemed to arrive at that moment, with its mysterious mixture of salt, cold flesh and fuel.”

If there’s one thing you can be sure about in this life, it’s that you won’t always be kissing the right person.

* * * *

Last Sentence:     I like that.

I like this.