The Long Falling

Keith Ridgway

First Sentence:      It rains on Cavan, Monaghan; rains on the hills and the lakes and the roads; rains on the houses and the farms and the fences between them; on the ditches and the fields, on the breathing land; rains on the whole strange shape of it.

Back of the book:

A nightmare marriage; a cold, rural community; a tragedy in the past for which she is blamed – these are the fetters of Grace Quinn’s life. But then, with an act of violence and despair, she attempts her escape.
The world into which she flees is that of her son, Martin – the confident urban world of a Dublin on the up. But Dublin, and the whole country, is about to be shaken out of its complacent glide into modernity, and Martin – product of the old Ireland, resident of the new – is about to learn that one cannot be separated from the other.
A story of city and country, past and present, acceptance and intolerance, death and what comes after, The Long Falling is, above all, the story of Grace Quinn and her challenge to the contradictions of Ireland at the end of the twentieth century.

Quotes from the book:

She had created something in her mind, an idea, and it was touching her from the inside, as if she were a glove.

“She could see the sky, a perfect blue patch of it stretched from the roofs to the top of the window frame, like the skin of the sea hung up to dry.”

He felt like a child, unable to tell what was meant by certain words.

* * * *

Last Sentence:      Then he moved from the stone and disappeared in the colours of the crowd.