Dark Lies the Island

Kevin Barry

First Sentence:    This is the story of a happy marriage but before you throw up and turn the page let me say that it will end with my face pressed hard into the cold metal of the Volvo’s bonnet, my hands cuffed behind my back, and my rights droned into my ear – this will occur in the car park of a big-box retail unit on the Naas Road in Dublin.

Back of the book:

“His language is startling, somehow a physical presence.” Sunday Independent

“Dark, blackly hilarious and horrifically realistic narratives.” Irish Times

“A great storyteller…Astonishing.” The Guardian

Quotes from the book:

The primary interest of these people’s lives, it often seemed, was how far one place was from another, and how long it might take to complete the journey, given the state of the roads.

“He hurries along the row of houses as familiar as the mouth-feel of his own teeth…”

This was not a house in which to talk about the heart. This was a house in which to drink super-strength lager and cut yourself shaving.

* * * * *

Last Sentence:     The squad car appeared.

An excellent collection of stories this, Kevin Barry joins Wells Tower as my favourite short story writer.


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