The Apartment

Greg Baxter

First Sentence:       It’s the middle of December, and everything is frozen over.

This book reminded me of Open City. I did not like Open City. I did not like this book. Baxter and Cole are clearly gifted writers respectively, but both are in serious need of a story. (You would think their characters could conjure something up on one of their unnecessarily long walks.) Maybe they think they are above such trivial things as plot, in which case they should consider writing non-fiction instead, and leave novels to those with a story to tell. This is, after all, the first thing people look for when they pick up a novel. Without it, everything else about a novel, no matter how exquisite, is pointless. So, my verdict on The Apartment? Beautifully written, breathtakingly dull.

That is all.


 Last Sentence:    You know, said Saskia, there really is no limit to the kinds of food you can eat for breakfast.

 Last Sentence explained:    Nothing happens. Nothing to explain.


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