The Terror Of Living

Urban Waite

First Sentence: The kid had taken a bus north from Seattle and stood outside studying the bar for a long time, weighing the options.

A drug deal goes badly wrong and ex-convict Phil Hunt has to go on the run. He is running from both Drake, the deputy sheriff, and the hitman Grady, who has been hired to kill him, trying his best to protect his wife, who is in hiding, and evade his captors at the same time. I wanted to enjoy this book as it seemed like it might be a good read but I just couldn’t get into it. It’s been compared to Cormac McCarthy in some places but I really can’t see why. Apart from the plot being a poor rip off of No Country for Old Men, there is nothing that even comes close to a Cormac McCarthy book here. I can honestly say I had absolutely no interest in what was going to happen to any of the characters once I’d reached the halfway point, and the writing left me utterly cold. Maybe I’m missing something, but life’s too short and there are too many great books to be reading, and for me, this is definitely not one of them. Not one I’ll be going back to…


Last Sentence: He watched the truck pull out and go up the street, and when it was out of sight, he started his car and pulled a u-turn, heading back the way he’d come.

Last Sentence explained: He doesn’t die. Drake saves his life and kills Grady in the process. Drake then turns a blind eye as Phil Hunt, our hero, does a u-turn. End of book.


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