Under The Dome

Stephen King

First Sentence: From two thousand feet, where Claudette Sanders was taking a flying lesson, the town of Chester’s Mill gleamed in the morning light like something freshly made and just set down.

Years ago I read a lot of Stephen King but I haven’t read anything of his in a loooong time. I really enjoyed this though. King is, when all’s said and done, a great storyteller and that’s just what this is. A great story. It had me gripped form the get-go and just didn’t let up. It kind of reminded me of Lost [which maybe King realised himself as he references a fictional sequel to Lost in the middle of the book]. I can imagine this making a great TV series one day. There’s really no need to summarise the plot as the title does that for me. How can I possibly fault a book which taught me ‘Crack Snackin’ [Cunnilingus] ‘Cock Gobblin’ [Fellatio] and Horripilation [Goosebumps]? I can’t and I won’t, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

* * * *

Last Sentence: Pity was not love, Barbie reflected… but if you were a child, giving clothes to someone who was naked had to be a step in the right direction.

Last Sentence Explained: The book ends with the Dome being lifted. Turns out it was being controlled by some sort of extra terrestrial beings or, to be more specific, children (Leatherfaces). The whole Dome scenario is likened to children frying ants under a magnifying glass and when all the propane tanks explode at the radio station/drug plant the Dome inhabitants are also fried. The ending just shows the capacity for pity when others are suffering ie. Barbie in Fallujah when tourture/murder happens, Rusty Everett (Physician’s assistant) getting second thoughts when burning ants and, most importantly, Julia Shumway’s (Democrat newspaper editor) flashback to when she was bullied in school and stripped to her underwear. One of the bullies returns to give her a sweater so she doesn’t have to walk home in her underwear. Hence the final sentence…


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